Refrigeration And Ice Making Process

Refrigeration And Ice Making Process 150 Years Later It’s been over 150 years more or less since we discovered ways to cooling and freezing our foods & drinks to either preserve them or make them even more enjoyable. Yes I am talking about the time when we preserved our food and drinks with snow and ice, either brought down from the mountain or gathered locally from ice and snow falls. “They say necessity is the mother of invention” The first cellars were created by digging holes into the ground and lining them with wood, straw or both and covered the cellar with ice or snow. Until the first mechanical refrigeration was invented, this was the only means of refrigeration for that of time period. “The great pioneers, inventors and innovators of the past” Credits to all the great pioneers and inventors who’s brilliance have ensured that not only can we prolong the lifespan of consumable goods but also groundbreaking successes in the fi […]


Block Ice Plants

Introducing The Process and Principles of Block Ice Manufacturing – history, innovation, technology and more. An ice machine, ice generator, ice plant, ice maker; call it what you want to, refers to the device for making ice, mostly found in your home freezer of your refrigeration gadget, a stand-alone appliance for producing ice or an industrial machine purposely built for large scale ice manufacturing. Commonly, we refer to the whole gadget as the “ice generator”. However, the ice generator is one of the main parts of the whole machine and its function is to generate ice. There are different types of artificial ice making machines, each designed for its use and purpose; e.g. the Block Ice Plant, Tube Ice Machine, Flake Ice Maker, Cube Ice Machine, Plate Ice Plant etc. History According to Schmidt L.M., the art of artificially freezing water to make ice cannot be acclaimed as a modern science. He explains, ages ago, in India, water was […]

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