Focusun Flake Ice Machine

Focusun Refrigeration Corporation is spearheading the Refrigeration Industry with innovative and critically researched technology in Ice Cooling Solutions. Besides the Flake Ice Machine, designed and manufactured with precision in the arts of science, innovation and technology, we have also mastered our trades in manufacturing Tube Ice Machine, Block Ice Plants, Plate Ice Maker, Cube Ice Machine, Water Cooling equipment, Concrete Cooling System, Dynamic Ice Storage System, and many other low temperature Ice Storage Rooms.

Having experienced years of diligent and unremitting efforts, our innovative products have gradually become the industrial standards chased by our counterparts. Meanwhile, it is the numerous patents and breakthrough innovations that lay a solid foundation for the authoritative position on Focusun's professional ice-making technology.

Through the past 80 years, Focusun has kept paying close attention to market demand and persist in improving the quality of the Ice-Making Plants and other related products. Focusun Flake Ice Plants produce irregular Ice Flake at the size of about 40×40mm and thickness around 1.5-2.5mm. Due to its characteristics, Flake Ice is widely used in food preservation in supermarket, meat & food processing industry and aquatic products processing industry etc.

Focusun Flake Ice Makers are divided into 5 major categories, including small capacity Flake Ice Machine (daily production ranging from 500 kg – 3,000kg), medium capacity Flake Ice Machine (daily production ranging from 5,000 kg - 20,000 kg), large capacity Flake Ice Machine (daily production ranging from 25,000kg - 60,000kg), containerized Flake Ice Making Plants (two models: 20-foot standard container and 40-foot standard container) and also seawater Flake Ice Machine suitable for both land use and marine use.

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