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Ice Storage - Focusun Turnkey Solution

Focusun ™ is able to provide clients with ice storage in any size and materials. We are proud to be one of the global leading manufacturers of this innovative cooling solution.

The Ice Storage Rooms are constructed with an insulation layer and a coating of the outer and inner wall. The latest PU foam generator enables us to produce the highly reliable insulation layer of 75mm, 100mm or 150mm thickness.

We also offer multiple options for materials used for the outer and inner wall. High quality stainless steel SUS304 is fully compliant with food safety standards. As alternative, we have galvanized steel panels and durable, wear-resistant color steel plates from high quality suppliers to fulfill your needs in the most economical way.

Focusun's Three Types of Ice Storage

Focusun manufactures three different types of ice storage rooms with adjustable storing capacity:

Types Temperature Application fields
Common type + 20℃ - + 5℃ Fruits, vegetable, flowers, dairy products, wines, chocolate, fresh eggs、meat, medicine, tea leaves, seed, etc
Refrigerated type -8℃ - - 50℃ Ice storage, frozen fish, meat and poultry.
Containerized type -8℃ - - 50℃ Fish, meat, rice and flour, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw material, etc.

Every product will be designed and engineered to perform perfectly in your local conditions as well as to meet the highest energy efficient ratings.

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