Focusun vacuum cooler

What is a Vacuum Cooling System?

Focusun Vacuum Coolers cool down products to their optimum storage temperature in the most effective and efficient way by creating a vacuum. Focusun Vacuum Cooling Solutions are of excellent quality and come in different models for various uses. Moreover, each machine can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Focusun vacuum coolers can improve the cooling rate, reduce the loss of nutrients and keep original texture, color, sensory properties and nutrition of products, which can significantly increase the shelf life of products as well as reducing the health risk caused by organism growth. Our vacuum coolers are widely used to cool products in the ready food and catering industry and also in the fresh produce and post harvest sector, such as leafy vegetables and fresh-cut flowers.

Benefits and features of Focusun Vacuum Coolers

Vacuum Cooling technology is based on the phenomenon that water starts boiling at lower temperatures as the pressure decreases. The boiling process takes away heat from the product. As a result, products can be cooled down within a short time. The advantages of Focusun Vacuum Cooler are as follows:

  • Rapid and uniform cooling: it usually takes 20 – 30 minutes to reach required refrigeration temperature. The surface and core of the vegetable can reach exact the same temperature after vacuum cooling even the micro-perforated, packed products.
  • Clean and sanitary: in the vacuum, products are sterilized effectively without spreading of micro-organisms, especially water borne microorganisms and cross-contamination.
  • Thin-layer drying effect: unique effect to cure slight damages on the surface and inhibit the expansion on fresh products.
  • High accuracy: equipped with imported temperature and humidity controllers, Focusun Vacuum Coolers ensure excellent usability and operation.

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