Focusun concrete cooling solution

Temperature-Controlled Concrete:

Large concrete structures such as dams, navigation locks, large mat foundations, and large breakwaters generate excessive heat during cement hydration (the curing and hardening process of cement) and associated expansion. In small structures this phenomenon is not of importance, but it is very significant in mass concrete especially for dam projects. To mitigate these effects concrete cooling is commonly applied during construction.

The heat of hydration raises the temperature during the curing process up to 93°C (200°F) causing an increase of volume. After curing the concrete cools down again reducing its volume and thus eventually causing cracks. To prevent cracking, the initial pouring temperature should be lowered to that degree that the maximum temperature during the curing process does not exceed a certain level determined by the ambient temperature.

Even though the required pouring temperatures of concrete vary from site and country (from 7°C (45°F) to max. 15°C (59°F)) there is always a requirement for a sophisticated concrete cooling system.

As initial and running costs for such a refrigeration system are relatively high compared to the costs of the concrete batching plant itself, it is essential for the contractor to have an optimized system installed by a professional supplier.

How does Focusun Conrete Cooling look like?

In general, each concrete cooling system for mass concrete and dam construction consists of the following components:

  • Water Chilling Plant for the total amount of mixing water
  • Cold Water Tank with Pumping Station
  • Flake Ice Plant
  • Flake Ice Storage with fully-automatic Ice Rake and Discharge System
  • Flake Ice Delivery
  • Flake Ice Weighing
  • Aggregate Cooling System
  • Post-Cooling of the concrete

Individual Concrete Cooling Solutions:

We know that our customers face different and nonstandard project conditions, which is why there are always various options available for each component. Our professional team of engineers and project managers provide professional tailor-made Concrete Cooling Solutions to fulfill your specific requirements entirely.

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