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For mines at extreme depths, climate stress is largely intensified due to growing shaft depths and increasing concentration of digging results in higher temperature inside the mines. To improve the underground working situation is to cool down the ambient temperature and provide enough air and dilute air to an acceptable level.

Compared with conventional chilled water systems, mine cooling systems with air cooling have been proved to be the optimum tactics. As the leading manufacturer in the refrigeration industry, Focusun has dedicated itself into researching and developing latest applied refrigeration technology. After large amounts of financial and time investment, Focusun succeeded in designing and manufacturing a set of modern high-performance mine cooling systems. In cooperation with end users and appropriate experienced companies, Focusun keeps perfecting the design of mine cooling and has repeatedly proven its competence in engineering, programming, installation and commissioning in a variety of mine cooling projects worldwide.

Focusun Coal Mine Cooling System

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Focusun's typical mine cooling system consists of a screw compressor, air-cooling condenser, liquid reservoir, throttling device, air cooler, gas-liquid separator and oil cooling devices. Except these main components of the mine cooling system, another important machine, the Diesel-powered generator, is applied to ensure a continuous power supply.

Focusun provides leading coal mine cooling system and designs customized solutions which can lower the temperature under the mine effectively and assure safety of workers. Years of project experience and numerous successful cases bring us confidence to provide the most suitable mine cooling system.

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