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Cube ice machine

With leading ice making technology, Focusun offers you the best Cube Ice Making System. Not only do we supply ice machines, but we also provide you with all relevant technical support. Our clients enjoy only the best of Focusun advanced technology, our professional team and excellent pre and after-sales service.

Focusun Cube Ice Makers are classified into four types: Cube Ice Machines, Nugget Ice Machines, Round Ice Machines and Lunar Ice Machines. Choose from the different ice shapes: standard cube ice (22×23×23mm), half-cube ice (13×23×23mm), large cube ice (28×28×23mm), nugget ice (8×8×8mm), medium round ice (35×42×42mm), large round ice (45×45×55mm) and lunar ice (13×30×38mm). Besides the difference of the ice shape, different types of ice have their unique characteristics because of the ice to water ratio. For example, some ice is chewable and some is softer.

Edible cube ice maker

Focusun Cube Ice Plant evaporators are made of stainless steel SUS304 to meet sanitary requirements. The modular and aesthetic design of our Cube Ice Makers makes their appearance pleasing and space-saving. In addition, it simplifies on spot maintenance and replacement of spare parts. With regard to the components of the Cube Ice Machine, we adopt imported high-quality machine parts from world renowned brands, in line with CE certification. Our machines strictly conform to German criteria which will ensure decades of high-efficiency performance.

Focusun Cube Ice is widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc. The quiet system of our cube ice makers is dependable, durable with long lifespan and energy-efficient. Our successful cases around the world are backed by amazing customer satisfaction. You are welcome to contact us for detailed information.

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