Our core focus is being socially responsible

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Focusun is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through good business practices. We at Focusun believe that running business organization and being a good responsible citizen go hand-in-hand. A qualified corporation needs to bear its social responsibility in the process of coordinating and cooperating with others to achieve a win-win beneficial result in communities, workplace and environment.

Our Communities

Focusun does not believe that CSR is just a charitable and non-profitable activity, but rather reflects the potential opportunity to realize innovation and improve our competitive advantages. We always believe in the idea that efforts must be made to coordinate and integrate between core business service and management, and explore effective balance between environmental, social and economical benefits, creating comprehensive benefits for all parties.

The Workplace

We are committed in recruiting the best people and providing a working atmosphere in which they can properly develop and prosper. Our efforts include an excellent employee benefit plan, training programmes such as Equality & Diversity, Promotion Opportunities and Commercial Awareness. All these and more help Focusun to build a diverse and distinctive workforce


Social responsibility is an important component for corporate strategy. In long successful history of development, Focusun has given great attentions to the environment and the society we operate within. In our efforts to take much strain off our planet, Focusun has adopted a number of environmental initiatives and continues to develop more: Use green technology in the manufacturing of our machines, comprehensive recycling systems reducing waste generation and efficiency improvements across our offices.

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