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What are Focusun Snow Makers applied for?

As more and more people discovered the ski sport and made it a yearly tradition, ski slopes became extremely profitable businesses. However, the success was completely dependent on the weather. Our Snowmaking Machine can completely solve this problem by making snow in case nature fails to provide. Focusun Snow Makers have also proved to have the advantage of providing a top quality snow layer, creating better skiing conditions. Nowadays, snow-making machines are standard equipment in the vast majority of ski resorts around the world.

Focusun is a global supplier of cutting-edge snow makers. We provide two methods to produce artificial snow: the first is our Outdoor Snow Maker with crushed flake ice, creating a beautiful snow falling scene, the other is our Indoor Snow Maker which produces snow as good as or even better than natural snow. Focusun snowmaking machines can work in any season without being affected by temperature. Our Snowmaking system is mainly used at ski resorts to supplement natural snow, which allows ski resorts to improve the reliability and consistency of their snow cover and to extend their ski seasons. Indoor ski resorts with a temperature and humidity control system can be operated year-round.

Focusun snow maker

Superior Advantage of Focusun Snowmaking System

Focusun is a client-oriented company, dedicated in creating and offering energy-saving and top quality snowmaking systems. Prior to production, we focus more on the quality of artificial snow. Our artificial snow is similar to natural snow, appears crystal clearly, is properly wet, and lasts longer. With our extensive history and range of experience, the Focusun professional technical team can offer you stable and reliable snowmaking systems according to your specific requirements.


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