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Focusun Turnkey Solutions – Ice Packaging Machine

Focusun ™ is able to offer clients fully-automatic and semi-automatic Ice Packaging Machines. We have earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of a reliable and adaptable ice packaging machine on the market.

Considering the increasing demand for ice baggers, modern ice industry needs more automated ice handling processes. Focusun follows this trend and has developed efficient packaging machines both in full-automation and semi-automation. With advanced technology of electrical controls and simplistic mechanical design, our ice packers are therefore more reliable, easy to operate and with lower maintenance on spot.

Function and Customization

New ice packing machine

Our semi-automatic Ice Packers handle feeding, weighing and filling of the ice, while the fully-automatic Ice Packers also seal, print, punch (optional) and count the ice bags.

Focusun offers two types of fully-automatic Ice Packers and two sizes of semi-automatic Ice Packers to meet your requirements. In addition, the ice bag can be customized and the weighing device can be set to different weights.

Our professional team of engineers and project managers will provide professional tailor-made ice Solutions to realize an operable and efficient ice factory for your company.

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