Who we are

Focusun Refrigeration (Shanghai) Corporation is one of the world’s leading and your top address in manufacturing ice machines with over 80 years’ worth of rich and proud history and experience. Focusun manufactures, supplies and markets a comprehensive range of cooling solution products with excellent German technology, reliable quality and premium services. This is why we have gained the confidence of clients and partners by enriching their lifestyles with brilliant innovative ice making technology approved all around the globe.

Revolution leads influence

All of Focusun employees identify with this brief sentence; we encourage our employees to pursue the need to use innovation in technology to make positive life-changing impact on our clients, partners and the environment as a whole. Our continuous pursuit for innovation in cooling technologies, is to adapt and meet the growing demand for qualified, efficient, energy-saving equipment; that is why we keep improving and leading the cooling industry.

We also pride ourselves on quality, service and pricing, and believe that all three areas are equally important to ensure the long-term success of your overseas purchasing program. Our sustained relationship with customers serves as testimonial for our high quality products. The fusion of superior quality and reasonable prices makes us your number one supplier of innovative cooling solutions worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

Focusun aims to continue strengthening its leading position as a major global supplier of refrigeration technology and cooling system in the refrigeration industry by providing the best and quality performing machines at cost-effective prices. The company will continue growing its ice machine business while also expanding into the total refrigeration field to guarantee continuous supply of high quality ice solutions with exceptional efficiency and reliability.