Focusun Plate Ice Machine

Focusun plate ice machine evaporator

Focusun offers you the best of tailored Plate Ice Making Systems. Not only do we supply the ice machines, but also offer you technological consultancy. Focusun manufactures the ice machines that reach high sanitary standards, so every evaporator of our Plate Ice Plant adopts stainless steel SUS304 and aluminum alloy plate chip.

Focusun Plate Ice Makers are divideded into small capacity and large capacity machines, ranging from 1Ton/Day to 48Tons/Day. Small capacity is our indoor standardized Plate Ice Plant which enjoys a reputation of high efficiency and low energy consumption. The modular design of the Plate Ice Maker simplifies the spot maintenance and the replacement of spare parts. Regarding the large capacity Plate Ice Plant, it is always used for our Dynamic Ice Storage System to reduce the valley-to-peak ratio of grid load. Dynamic Ice Storage is a cold ice storage air-conditioner which consumes low energy and operates under low cost.

Focusun transparent flake ice

The number of plate chips of the evaporator is adjustable according to daily capacity and special requirements. The dimensions of the Plate Ice can also be adjusted by the ice crushing system. Standard Plate Ice is an irregular sheet ice with about 40×40mm - 80×80mm in size, and 10 mm - 15mm in thickness. The thickness can be adjusted according to Ice-Making time with the maximum gauge being 30mm. After secondary crushing, Plate Ice is around 25*25mm.

Besides in Dynamic Ice Storage System, Focusun Plate Ice is applied to concrete mixing plants, chemical plants, mines, fresh vegetables, fishing and other aquatic food industry.

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