Plate Ice Machine with Ice Storage in Seychelles

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Focusun is spearheading the Refrigeration Industry with innovative and critically researched technology in Ice Cooling Solutions. Over the past 84 years, we have accumulated rich experience in Different Types of Ice Making Machines and offering tailor-made ice-making systems. We use our manufacturing experience to constantly deliver the best technological advancements to our clients.

In May of 2013, a client from Seychelles in Africa (name withheld upon client's request) called on us for their Plate Ice Project. Plate Ice is a kind of irregular sheet ice, but the client had their special requirements towards the ice size. Since the temperature is high in Seychelles, a solution should be designed to prevent the ice from melting. To figure out the solution and manufacture three Plate Ice Makers in a tight schedule gave us a big challenge and good opportunity to display our capabilities.

Project Summary

Challenge to control the size of plate ice and guarantee the ice quality during the hot summer

  • The plate ice produced should be directly preserved in an ice storage room.
  • The plate ice should be at the size of around 25*25mm and the thickness within 30mm.
  • The daily output of plate ice should be up to 24tons.

A solution to explore three sets of Plate Ice Makers

  • Three sets of Plate Ice Machines: ice machine upside with an ice storage room below, then the ice produced fall down to the ice storage to maintain dry.
  • Usually the standard plate ice is about 40×40mm~80×80mm in size, and 10 mm~15mm in thickness. We adjusted the crushing gadget to change the size of 25*25mm.
  • By using water and heat fluorine at the same time, the whole ice doffing process only takes 120 seconds, thus the whole ice-making process has been shortened.

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