Focusun Block Ice Machine

Focusun is the most professional block ice machine manufacturer in China. To meet your different requirements, we utilize both direct refrigeration and brine refrigeration block ice plants whose capacity ranges from 0.5 T/D to 30 T/D. With our professional technical team, Focusun provides tailored and scientific block ice solutions. The standard weight & size of block ice Focusun produces are listed in the form. The size of the block ice can also be customized to meet your special requirement.

Weight(kg/block) Dimension(L*W*H mm) Ice Making Time(hour) Batch(times)
10 155×100×750 5.5 4
20 245×125×750 7.5 3
25 315×125×750 7.5 3
50 480×160×750 11.5 2
75 420×200×1000 19.5 1
100 500×220×1000 22.5 1

Block Ice Machine

Block ice has a big advantage compared to other forms of ice in tropical countries. Storage, handling and transportation can be simplified if the ice is in form of large blocks. Because of its large dimension and small contact area, block ice does not melt easily. Under same conditions, block ice has the longest storage period compared to other forms of ice. It is usually used to preserve aquatic products, cool fish, reduce temperature, in ice-carving and more. Focusun offers both transparent and milky white ice according to your preferences.

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