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In modern industrial production processes, strict temperature control is of vital importance for the working efficiency. A chiller removes heat from the process water and transfers it to air via a heat exchanger. After the refrigeration cycle, water chillers are able to cool the water to a settled temperature which is considerably below the ambient temperature.

Focusun industrial Water Chillers are top of the line with our expertise about chillers over the years. Different from ordinary water-cooling equipment, our products have a completely independent refrigeration system which protects the cooling process from any effect of temperature and environment. Furthermore, the outlet water temperature can be adjusted and controlled accurately and efficiently no matter how low the effluent temperature is and how large the temperature difference is. We provide customizable water cooling solutions with Focusun's Four Stages of Cooling.

Focusun four stage cooling system

Our chillers can provide cold and icy water of constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure by our four-stage cooling system. The detailed working principle is listed in the table below:

1st cooling stage: The evaporative condenser is used to lower the temperature of natural water, reducing tropical high temperature water of 45℃ and above to 36℃.
2nd cooling stage: A plate or shell evaporator is used to lower the water temperature from 36℃ to 15℃ and to keep evaporative temperature at 10℃. The equipped compressor exhibits a good energy - efficiency ratio which can realize 4.2kw/hour.
3rd cooling stage: A plate or shell evaporator is used to lower the water temperature from 10℃ to 4℃; a constant evaporative pressure regulating valve sets the evaporative temperature at 0.5℃, creating a higher temperature difference of heat transmission that ensures a good heat transfer effect and avoids that the evaporator freezes and cracks.
4th cooling stage: Focusun's unique open-type dipped plate evaporator with gas anti-freezing technology completely prevents itself from freezing and cracking; a constant evaporative pressure regulating valve controls -5℃ evaporative temperature which can lower the water temperature from 4℃ to 0.5℃.

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