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The ice factory is a complete ice station from the production to storage of ice overview, including the icemaker, the associated refrigeration machinery, storage rooms and the building. In the selection of an ice plant, many considerations need to be made relating to costs, maintenance, availability of skilled labor, water supply and the preferred type of ice. The selection of a plant needs to be made with the knowledge of local conditions and requirements. We will meet our customers’ requirements from a given range of equipment and can customize specifications to suit a particular market or to surpass the competition’s standards.

Focusun support:

During the engineering stage, Focusun will gladly conceptualize the entire ice factory with professional suggestions. We can help to investigate the most optimal technical solutions as well as provide technical data to design the construction.

Assembly & Installation:
During the assembly and installation stage, our on-site engineers will travel around the globe to put all equipment in place and install all the components.

On-site Training:
Focusun engineers will exchange knowledge with the people on site so they can operate the ice factory autonomously.

In case of planned maintenance or operational issues, our after-service team will be of assistance, either from distance or on site for personal support.

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