Focusun Tube Ice Machine

Focusun is endlessly proud to be the inventor of the first industrial Ice Machine that produced ice for human consumption (cylindrical ice which is now called Tube Ice). Over 80 years, Focusun has accumulated rich experience in designing and manufacturing Ice Machines as well as other Ice Solutions such as Ice Storages with or without Refrigeration System, Concrete Cooling Systems, Mine Cooling Systems, Vacuum Coolers, Water Chillers, Ice Packaging Machines and more. We keep pursuing the innovation of manufacturing ice cooling technology. Most important is that we keep innovating rather than resting on our past glories.

Focusun Tube Ice Machines directly use clean fresh water to make ice. Our original Pre-Purify™ patent technology makes ice quality reach international standards of the American Water Association WQA. The use of stainless steel SUS304, PE, aluminum alloy plate-type evaporators is according with health and safety requirements, thus the Tube Ice is tasteless, hygienic, transparent and completely conforms to food standards. It can be directly consumed or used in chilling drinks, mixing wines or cooling/keeping produce fresh.

We divide Tube Ice Machines into two categories, small capacity Tube Ice Plants (daily output ranging from 1000kgs to 8000kgs) and large capacity Tube Ice Plants (daily output ranging from 10000kgs to 50000kgs). The Tube Ice is hollow, cylindrical, transparent ice with external diameters of ø22, ø29, ø32, ø35 mm, ranging from 25 - 50 mm in length. The inner hole, typically ø5 - 10 mm long, can be adjusted according to ice-making time. Tube Ice has a good air permeability and long storage life. All our machines can be customized according to your requirements.

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