Venezuela Tube Ice Machine with Automatic Packaging System

Focusun Turnkey Ice Solution

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At Focusun, we strive to offer high quality manufacturing in the most cost efficient way. We are environmentally conscious and provide green technology with high energy efficiency for a cleaner environment. We are the company whose founder, Jürgen Hans, invented the first tube ice machine over 80 years ago and have kept improving the manufacturing and design of ice making machines.

In 2013, we were privileged to work for our new client in Venezuela (name withheld upon client request) to provide them with a 10 tons ice making plant. Although this was not an unusual project, the uniqueness of this project, however, was to provide the plant within a very tight time schedule. This task presented a very good opportunity for Focusun to display our ability to offer a comprehensive ice-making solution and to allow our clients to enjoy the comfort provided by Focusun: high quality products and services for an affordable price, worldwide.

Project Summary

Challenge: design a set of machines with no production interruption and less labor cost

  • Manufacture a tube ice machine with 10 tons ice daily output and ice packing machine within a tight timescale
  • Decrease labor cost and provide a fully-automatic ice making and packaging solution.
  • A reliable PLC system to cope with machinery failure automatically.

A solution to create an automatic plant

  • Create the full schematic of the project: 2 tube ice machines of 5tons/day placed together with both ice outlets facing to a big outlet connected to the fully-automatic ice packaging machine.
  • Composed of CJS2000-F electric weighing machine, FIP-01A packaging machine, platform and finished products belt conveyor, the automatic packaging unit can realize all functions including feeding, weighing, packing, filling, sealing, printing, punching (optional) and counting.
  • PLC controller of the tube ice machine and the server motor of the packaging machine guarantee the automatic operation and correction.

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