Eight of the World’s Coolest Indoor Snow Parks

Snow scarcity means resorts worldwide have been getting creative. They’ve been hauling in snow from higher altitudes, building snow storage facilities, even dumping snow on the slopes via helicopter. But there’s another alternative that’s growing in popularity: indoor skiing. Build a hangar-sized building with an artificial slope, keep it cool with climate control, and smother the whole thing with machine-made snow.


How Artificial Snow Is Made?

The Manufacturing Process  The production of artificial snow requires a series of devices that can move water and air up the mountain, combine them with a nucleating material, and spray them into the air as small droplets. Typically, the system is installed during the summer months and operated at night after the slopes have closed.


How to improve the poor cooling efficiency of ice machines in high temperature?

As the midsummer passed by, it gets hotter and hotter. The high temperature affects not only people’s physiology and emotions, but also inanimate objects like machines. Take ice machine as an example. Scorching weather will slow down the operating efficiency of the machine, and even burn the motor because of difficult dissipation. Although it is inevitable for ice machine to be influenced by  high temperature, there is always a way out.


Global Ice Maker Market(2021 to 2026) Trend, Opportunity And Challenge.

An ice maker, also known as an ice generator or ice machine, is an appliance that is used for producing ice in both the residential and commercial sectors. It is manufactured using various components, which include motors, compressors, condensers, evaporators, throttle valves and heating elements. Among these, the compressor compresses the low-pressure vapor to high-pressure vapor and directs it to the condenser. The condenser helps in condensing the high-pressure vapor into the high-pressure liquid, which is then drained out through the throttle valve. The liquid is then sent towards the evaporator wherein heat exchange takes place and results in the formation of ice.

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