How To Distinct Industrial Ice Machine From Commercial Ice Machine?

All refrigeration equipment like ice making machine is made of four key components: the evaporator, the condenser, the compressor and the throttle valve. Ice machines all work the same way.

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The function of the compressor is to compress low-pressure refrigerant vapour to high-pressure vapour, and deliver it to the condenser. Here, the high-pressure vapour is condensed into high-pressure liquid, and drained out through the throttle valve to become low-pressure liquid. At this point, the liquid is conducted to the evaporator, where heat exchanging occurs, and ice is created. This is one complete refrigeration cycle.

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Many people do not know whether they should choose a commercial ice machine or an industrial ice machine when needing an ice machine. Today I will tell you the difference between the two kinds of ice machines.


Compared with industrial ice machines, commercial ice machines have a small capacity of making ice, and is ready to be used when connected to a power source; commercial ice machines with a large amount of ice are generally split, and some are even similar to industrial ice machines. Usually, the most common commercial ice maker is cube ice maker. It is suitable for supermarket, convenience stores, retail industry, cafe bars and so on.

tube ice maker


Compared with commercial ice making machines, industrial ice making machines have a large ice making capacity. Take Focusun ice machines for example, among its ice machines, block ice machine and tube ice machine can reach 1 to 50 tons of daily capacity.

There are also large differences in use requirements between industrial ice machines and commercial ice machines. Industrial ice machines often need to go through non-standard products, refrigeration system, corresponding circulating water and electric control systems. Design, factory prefabrication, and on-site assembly, so industrial ice machines need to have more professional and technical capabilities.

Industrial ice machines are mainly used in large ice factories, food processing, seafood and aquatic products processing, chemical industry, water conservancy and electricity, medical, construction, mining and the cooling, storage and preservation of engineering and construction industries.



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