How To Maintain Your Ice Machine?

The ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that cools the water through the evaporator by the refrigerant in the refrigeration system and then turns it into ice. According to the different principles of the evaporator and the generation process, the shape of the generated ice is also different.

ice machine maintenance3

People generally divide the ice machine into particle ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, shell ice machine and so on according to the shape of ice.

According to the use and the characteristics of the ice itself, ice is mainly divided into: tube ice, block ice, particle ice, flake ice (freshwater seawater), plate ice (freshwater seawater), transparent ice, and ice water. No matter what kind of ice, it is determined by its characteristics.


If you just bought an ice machine, how can you maintain it well? 

ice machine maintenance1

1. After being purchased, ice machine must be placed for 12 hours before it can be used.

2. The ice maker should be installed in a place with ventilation and heat dissipation to prevent the temperature of the ice maker from being too high, which may easily damage the ice maker. 

3. After the ice maker is installed and used, the water inlet pipe should be kept open.

4. Clean up the water pipes regularly to prevent the water pipes of the ice maker from being blocked. 

5. Avoid using your ice maker when the voltage is unstable.

6. Unplug your ice machine when it is not in use.



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