pic-mobile vacuum cooler for ready food

Mobile vacuum cooling equipment

Rapid cooling equipment (vacuum cooling machine, vacuum cooler) manufactured by Focusun refrigeration corporation has equipped with the main components of the finest imported European compressors and refrigeration units. The prudent and strict chose and test of components ensure the high efficiency with the reasonable price.

The vacuum cooling machine is equipped with international advanced control module. The temperature inside can reach 0℃ to 40℃ (adjustable), PLC electronically controlled, with constant temperature and pressure touch screen and items temperature, vacuum chamber temperature, running time, vacuum pressure shown on LCD, and also with the function of chilling-proof, splash-proof, alarm indication and more, which leads to a simple operation for users.

There are enough security devices such as phase-lack protection, overcurrent protection and more. The refrigeration system uses energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigerants with the high and low voltage protection. Equipped with an electronic current display, the touch screen may monitor operation at any time, the unit can be promptly shut down when a fault condition occurs which prevents the vacuum cooler from damage and extends the using life. The microcomputer will record the fault, do the fault diagnosis and automatically adjust load which effectively save the energy and is adapted to continuous operation for 24 hours a day. The whole system is fully-automatic after being debugging successfully.

Focusun enjoys the reputation of ‘P, T, C, Q, S’, standing for People, Technology, Cost, Quality, Service. Vacuum cooling technology is from Europe and America, adopting advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control system. With a modern plan and professional related facilities, our company has a large number of experienced, well-trained managers and senior engineers, and also technical personnel. What’s more, a group of experienced experts for technical guidance maintain the close ties with overseas institutions.

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