Focusun Refrigeration deciphers cooling measures for concrete mixing plants

In the hot summer, the continuous rise in temperature will bring huge challenges to summer construction. According to the “Notice on Strengthening Concrete Construction and Maintenance Work in Summer”, mandatory measures must be taken to control the temperature of concrete and the characteristics of the mixture in concrete mixing stations. Especially for temperature control, temperature detection and recording should be done well. During summer concrete construction, the exit temperature of concrete should not be higher than 35°C, and the temperature of concrete entering the mold should not be higher than 30°C.

86-year-old German Focusun Refrigeration
Since its establishment in 1929, Germany’s Focusun Refrigeration Focusun has always been committed to providing leading technologies and services in the refrigeration industry and delivering the most appropriate solutions to customers. So far, Focusun Refrigeration has made achievements in concrete cooling systems, coal mine cooling systems, and dynamic ice storage.

Concrete temperature control
When pouring concrete in summer, due to the high entry temperature, the heat generated by cement hydration will further increase the internal temperature of the concrete, resulting in changes in the volume of the concrete. When the tensile strain caused by the volume change exceeds the ultimate strain of the concrete, the concrete will will crack. Therefore, how to control the temperature becomes the key.

If concrete is poured in high-temperature seasons, measures such as lowering the temperature of aggregates, lowering the temperature of mixing water, adding ice chips, insulating transport tanks, and cooling newly poured concrete with water should be taken. The poured concrete should be sprinkled with water for curing or covered with plastic film in time. Cover the concrete. Among them, Focusun can provide flake ice/plate ice making systems, cold water systems, automatic ice storage systems, and ice delivery and weighing equipment to meet the cooling needs of concrete.

Containerized flake ice ice making system
The container-type chiller and ice water machine and the pre-built container-type steel frame structure equipped with a complete set of ice weighing and ice delivery systems can operate stably in a high temperature environment with an ambient temperature of 60°C, and the maximum flake ice output can reach 60 tons/day. .

Containerized chilled water system
A chiller is used to deliver cold water for post-cooling of the poured concrete. The chiller is installed in a container to facilitate frequent transfer during construction as the construction progresses. Its design can reduce 45℃ water to 5℃ cold water outlet temperature, and the designed return water temperature is 10℃.

Concrete occupies an important position in modern engineering construction, and Focusun Refrigeration plays an important role in concrete cooling, providing high-quality refrigeration equipment to cool down large-volume concrete construction, ensuring that the temperature meets construction requirements and preventing cracks due to excessive temperatures.




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