Blast freezer

A blast freezer is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooked, maintaining its peculiarities during storage.
Blast Freezers work by rapidly freezing contents at a level in which stops bacteria from deteriorating the product, allowing it to be persevered for a longer period of time.
The blast freezer operates in full compliance with the HACCP standards, which originated from the need for maintaining the food’s healthiness. The HACCP system is designed to assess all possible risks that may affect the food’s healthiness at each stage of its production: it implements preventive measures, instead of focusing just on the inspection activities carried out on the finished product. In other words, this control is designed to monitor the whole food production and distribution process. There are many different kinds of chilling, depending on the characteristics of the food and on how long we intend to store it:




with cold room, containerized freezer with storage,360 degree freezer.

Food (meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink,bakery), Medicine, Chemical, Flowers,Electronics

Temperature: 0~-35ºC

Capacity: Can be Customized for requirement, Default capacities include 150L,220L,610L,830L




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