Benefits and Advantages of Thermostatic Expansion Valves Versus Other Throttling Devices

Thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs) are one of the most common types of adjustable orifice throttling device in air conditioning and refrigeration systems worldwide. They earned this place by being both efficient and affordable. But how do TXVs compare to other throttling devices? Fixed orifice devices like capillary tubes or pistons are cheaper and electronic expansion valves (EEVs) offer greater superheat control across a large load range, so why are TXVs so popular? Fixed Versus fixed orifices: orifice devices are ideal throttling devices if conditions never change. If the load on the system is constant and the ambient temperature remains steady, then a simple capillary tube or piston would be preferable to an adjustable orifice device like a TXV. However, outside of a laboratory, static conditions are simply not realistic. Seasonal temperature changes have a profound effect on system performance, as does increaseing the heat load i […]


Energy Efficient Hydrocarbon Ice Makers

For the commercial food service and related industries – which rely daily on large quantities of ice for food displays, safety, preparation, beverages and more – the ability to reliably and cost-effectively produce ice can have an impact on a business’ operation. Between 2005 and 2010, Manitowoc Ice, Inc., the Wisconsin-based manufacturer of commercial ice machines, became interested in taking their product portfolio one step further and turned to Danfoss with the idea to design an ice machine that would improve customers’ sustainability efforts by operating on natural refrigerants. The collaboration with Danfoss led to the development of two new models within Manitowoc’s Indigo Series and two Q-Series under-counter units that are cooled by R290, or propane, which Manitowoc introduced in mid-2011. The use of an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant enables Manitowoc to offer customers a product that has zero ozone depletion p […]

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