Newly Discovered Material Expected to Change Cooling Industry

Refrigeration and air conditioning may become more efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to the patent-pending work of LSU physicists. The team of researchers led by LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler has discovered a breakthrough magnetocaloric material that may change the energy industry, including air conditioning and food refrigeration. “The world refrigeration market is expected to increase by about $7-8 billion by 2018,” Stadler said. Therefore, his breakthrough has a significant economic impact as well as an impact on the energy industry and environment. Stadler’s research focuses on the next generation of magnetic cooling technologies, which are simpler in design, quieter and more environmentally friendly than conventional compressed-gas systems currently used. “LSU’s basic research into low-temperature physics and materials science has potential applications in areas related to energy, ele […]


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Focusun™ Refrigeration Corporation is the most reliable company in the field of ice machines and cold storage rooms, offering over 11.000 units to five continents. Focusun™ work towards making refrigeration solutions easier, with professional technical engineering teams, who are aware of all the new technology related to refrigeration. Basic Facts: Founded in 1945 Headquarter in Frankfurt, China headquarters in Shanghai, Factory in Jiangsu Today over 500 staff members, one of the leading and largest ice machine producer in the world. Specialized in: All types of ice machines with different capacities. Water chillers Ice packing machines Ice storage systems and cold storage rooms Vacuum coolers Concrete cooling systems Mine cooling Snowmaking machines   Products Features: Safety comes first: which means no matter which machine, they are all safe to use and operate. The home of quality: it is always better to explain the high price o […]

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