A new generation of EU energy labels

By using less energy to perform the same task, we can make significant energy savings and reduce waste. This is the basic principle of energy efficiency, and it is one of the most essential ways for the EU to move away from fossil fuels and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Improving energy efficiency will benefit society by reducing emissions and our dependency on energy imports, while also lowering energy costs for citizens and businesses across the EU. The EU energy label The EU energy label is – together with minimum “ecodesign” requirements – a success story that has been key in boosting the energy efficiency of everyday electric appliances like lighting, heating, fridges, freezers and televisions, but also products like fuel boilers, tyres and air conditioners. Since its inception in 1994, EU energy labels have helped steer and guide consumers to choose products that use less energy and therefore, over the products life span, als […]


Cooling as a Service encourages new models for sustainable cooling

Cooling as a Service, an initiative aimed at scaling up clean and efficient cooling, has unveiled the winner of its Cooling as a Service (CaaS) Prize, aimed at stimulating new models for sustainable cooling, in what is set to become a $1.5 trillion market over the next 10 years. “Inexpensive cooling systems are cheap to buy but come with a plethora of hidden financial and environmental costs: high energy use, frequent breakdowns, and the use of harmful synthetic refrigerants,” said Thomas Motmans, sustainable energy financespecialist of BASE (The Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), a Swiss not-for-profit foundation and specialised partner of United Nations Environment which is pioneering the CaaS model. “The climate emergency requires us to rethink our approach to cooling from the bottom up, to tackle emissions, cut waste and improve livelihoods – all while keeping costs low for end users. Fortunately, the Cooling as a Service busines […]


World’s smallest electronic expansion valve

Danfoss has unveiled what is believed to be the world’s smallest electronic expansion valve (EEV), a mini EEV for small air conditioners and Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs), allowing manufacturers to drive greater system efficiency, reliability and quieter operations. Developed in response to market demand for quieter unit operation and greater reliability, the Danfoss ETS 5M is significantly smaller and lighter than the next best alternatives—giving manufacturers the opportunity to create compact system designs or replace in existing systems. For comfort applications, the ETS 5M ensures low acoustic level, and offers full performance bi-flow capability—enabling quiet, precise performance for both cooling and heating. In addition, the ETS 5M is ideal for high evaporating temperature CRACs with direct expansion. Its precise flow control and best-in-class protection against moisture and internal leakage improves system reliability […]

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