Artificial Snow 2-2

The Manufacturing Process The production of artificial snow requires a series of devices that can move water and air up the mountain, combine them with a nucleating material, and spray them into the air as small droplets. Typically, the system is installed during the summer months and operated at night after the slopes have closed. Installation of the system 1 Artificial snow making requires an entire system to be installed on the mountain slope. This system includes a series of water pipes, electric cables, pumps, and compressors in addition to the snow making machines. First, plans showing the layout of the system are drawn. Then the water pipes and cables are laid in long trenches traversing the entire slope. The trenches must be dug significantly deep so water does not freeze during the winter months. At various points along the water line, valves and hoses are installed to bring water to the surface. Hay bales are placed around the […]


Artificial Snow 1-2

Artificial snow is small particles of ice that are used to increase the amount of snow available for winter sports such as skiing or snow boarding. It is produced by a machine that uses a high-pressure pump to spray a mist of water into the cold air. The water droplets subsequently crystallize to form fake snow. The first commercially successful machines were developed in the 1950s and improvements in technology have steadily been introduced. With the increase in the popularity of winter sports, the artificial snow market is expected to show significant growth. Background The machines that produce artificial snow are designed to mimic the way that natural snow is made. In nature, snowflakes are formed when the temperature falls below 32° F (0° C). Atmospheric water then condenses on particles in the air and crystallizes. This action produces snowflakes that have a variety of sizes and shapes. In a snow machine, water is first mixed with […]


Focusun New System for Snowmaking

Using tap water as raw material, through compression refrigeration, combined with excellent Focusun snow clutch technology, Focusun snowmaker can produce artificial snow with a high degree of simulation of natural snow. If the device is placed 3-5 meters above the ground, you can achieve the effects of the snow flying in the sky. Different from the traditional man-made snow, this kind of artificial snow feels cold, very similar to natural snow, which can create an effect of light flying sense. Even in the hot summer in the south area, artificial snow created by Focusun machine can provide snow scene for the hot springs, snow-themed bar, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, snow huts, animals venues, large gatherings, films and television shows, etc. where people can enjoy the snow fun from the art. Focusun artificial snow falling machine structure is compacted, modular designed, convenient to install. Just need to connect the power, w […]

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