New system for transparent block ice machine

Focusun transparent block ice machine adopts new technology which can be widely applied to producing various kinds of ice sculptures, enjoying better and faster refrigeration effect. The integrated and modular unit ensures that it’s easy to ship, move and install on the spot. the machine can make up to 2 block ice per batch 1 batch lasts around 72 to 96 hrs. based on the thickness of the ice block. the ice block produced by the direct system is 100% transparent compared to the brine system. Making of transparent ice block using direct system: Adding Water to the tank   Adding water circulation system   Lifting the ice block after freezing                                                                


Cold Rooms 101

The use of refrigerator-based equipment is a requirement of all food service operations–large or small–almost without exception. And being of such common occurrence, it’s normal to take such equipment for granted. However, like many other aspects of food service equipment, there’s always an opportunity to learn more about the use and function of refrigeration. Try to answer the following questions: * Does a refrigeration system pump cold air into a unit to lower the temperature of the food therein? Or, does it extract the heat from the food to lower its temperature? * What is the correct temperature for holding refrigerated meats, vegetables, beverages, etc.? * How long should it take to reduce cooked product temperatures from 140[degrees]F to below 40[degrees]F? * Based on meal volume, what size in cubic feet should a raw bulk storage cooler be? * Is a water-cooled refrigeration system faster than an air-cooled […]


Developments in food refrigeration

Refrigeration is a vital part of modern food production. Without a means to cool and keep food cold, the quality and safety of food would be compromised and the sophisticated cold chain we are used to would not be possible. The whole food chain is underpinned by refrigeration from primary food processing through storage, transport, retail and domestic refrigeration in consumers’ homes. Refrigerants Refrigeration systems using a working fluid or ‘refrigerant’ were invented in the early 1800s. These early systems used air, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or ammonia as the refrigerating fluid. Such systems were superseded in the 1930s by CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) that quickly became the dominant refrigerants as they were then considered to be efficient, cheap, non-flammable and non-toxic. In the 1970s it was realized that CFCs were responsible for damaging the ozone layer and in 1989 the Montreal Protocol agreed on a phase-out of CFCs. Thi […]

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