Advantages of Having a Blast Freezer.

Food products require a lot of care. The food products should be stored with proper care. It is important that there is adequate cold storage for the food. All of the food businesses have refrigeration appliances to make sure that their food products are safe and fresh for use. The large food businesses need to have large stocks of food products at all times. Food products can only be stored if there are heavy duty refrigeration appliances available. To make sure that the food products are kept fresh, they need to be stored at the temperature of +68 C and +8 C for as little time as possible. The decreased temperature will result in decreased growth of the bacteria. The food is spoiled by the growth of the microorganisms such as the bacteria. Blast chillers: The food products can be frozen and chilled by using the freezers or the blast chillers. The blast chilling is an excellent way of making sure that the food products are not kept at […]


History of Ice Making

In 1842 John Gorrie created a system capable of refrigerating water to produce ice. Although it was a commercial failure, it inspired scientists and inventors around the world. France’s Ferdinand Carre was one of the inspired and he created an ice producing system that was simpler and smaller than that of Gorrie. During the Civil War, cities such as New Orleans could no longer get ice from New England via the coastal ice trade. Carre’s refrigeration system became the solution to New Orleans ice problems and by 1865 the city had three of Carre’s machines.[13] In 1867, in San Antonio, Texas, a French immigrant named Andrew Muhl built an ice-making machine to help service the expanding beef industry before moving it to Waco in 1871. In 1873, the patent for this machine was contracted by the Columbus Iron Works, a company acquired by the W.C. Bradley Co., which went on to produce the first commercial ice-makers in the US. By the 1870s brewe […]



For food and beverage processing facilities, the industrial refrigeration system is key to operations. It can also be the key investment and factor in a facility’s operational efficiency and ongoing costs for maintenance and energy use. Being environmentally responsible is becoming more important for industries across the board, and in recent years, the field of industrial refrigeration engineering has seen an array of advances in more efficient equipment and more sustainable refrigerants. However, in much of the industry, engineering practices that have been the industry standard for years are slowing the adoption and use of these new technologies. By employing older, typical engineering approaches in the design of new systems, production facilities are not only unnecessarily wasting energy and resources, which also impacts the environment, but these businesses that rely on refrigeration are wasting their cold hard cash. Table 1. Assum […]

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