Focusun Snow park technology

New Technology For Snow parks

Ever wondered how snow parks work during the four seasons?

Do you think snow parks are limited to cold places only?

Is artificial snow is limited to a small area only?

Focusun now can give full solutions to make snow parks for both kids and adults, a variety of solutions to comply with different weather conditions, and both indoor and outdoor systems.

For indoor systems, Focusun offers its new technology providing scenery snow falling machine for snow parks and ice museum.

This machine can work in small, medium and big locations with ambient degree up to +35°C, so it will not matter which season is it.

Now with new FAS-650G and FAS-1300G, one unit can cover up to 40m2 and what’s more important is with artificial snow that has no different than the real snow.

These machines freeze water into thin ice then the ice will be crushed into small sizes with the help of ice crushing and pumping system, then the air conveying system transports the ice out creating a snow falling scene.

This system can reach 5000m3 per day, and equipped with a monitoring system for full control. Moreover a noiseless system with maximum 40Db for the indoor unit

These machines are assembled from stainless steel SUS304 to unsure durability and rust-resistant and high quality

Low electricity and water consumption

Suitable for ice sculpture art museum, snow-themed bar, Snow parks and movies shooting locations.



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