How to Choose a Satisfactory Ice Machine?

Many people want to buy ice machines, but they don’t know how to choose. Today, I will show you how to choose a satisfactory ice maker. When purchasing an ice machine, the following aspects should be considered: 1. Type of ice: different types of ice machines produce different shapes of ice, so ice makers should be selected according to the use of ice. For example, flake ice has no sharp edges and corners, and will not damage the external surface of the frozen object, so it is mainly used in seafood, aquatic products, food processing, etc. 2. Capacity: according to the amount of ice required, select the appropriate size of ice machine specifications to prevent the production of ice cubes from being insufficient or causing unnecessary waste. 3. Energy efficiency: When selecting an ice maker, be sure to ask clearly about the energy efficiency of the ice maker. An ice maker with high energy efficiency will greatly reduce energy costs […]


Welfare of Supermarkets–Cube Ice Machine

There are many kinds of ice machines, and the most common one in daily life is cube ice machine. The cube ice machine is safe, efficient, energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for convenience store, cafe, milk tea shop, bar, banquet hall, fast food restaurants, and hotels. The shape of cube ice is square, and the size can be selected according to the needs. In addition to the cube ice machine, there are also options for snowflake ice machine, bullet ice machine and moon ice machine. Features of cube ice machine: 1. Adopt hot fluorine to doff ice, so the speed is fast. The whole ice-doffing process only takes 150-180 seconds; 2. Add the deicing drainage function, and drain the remaining water in the cold water tank instantaneously during deicing to make the ice cleaner and transparent; 3. The compressor imported from Europe and America has good performance, low noise and high reliability; 4. The machine head […]


Ice Crusher: Make Ice Machine More Popular

Today, we will introduce the ice crusher, which can turn ice into small ice particles to meet people’s needs. For example, you bought an ice breaker, but you want to use it to freeze and keep fresh food. However, large block ice can not be well contacted with seafood in a large area, which requires ice crushing. After being processed by the ice crusher, large pieces of ice can become fragmented ice. Working principle: The power supply drives the motor to run, and the rotating motor drives the blade to start rotating at high speed, thus turning the large block ice into clastic ice. Features of ice breaker:  1.High quality ice crusher meets different ice crushing requirements. 2.The ice cubes after secondary ice crushing are more widely used. 3.Modular design makes operation safer and faster. 4.Made by SUS304, the ice crushing process is sanitary and safe. Model selection: There are two common ice crusher, one is tube ice crusher, a […]


Efficient and Energy Saving Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

In response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, fully implement the new development concept, and highlight the corporate responsibility in promoting carbon peak and carbon neutralization, the ultra-low energy consumption ice maker came into being. Let’s learn about this direct cooling ice machine. Block ice is used for food processing, fishery production, cooling and preservation, factory cooling, etc. Block ice is divided into transparent ice and milky white ice, and transparent ice is mostly used for ice sculptures. Block ice plays an irreplaceable role in tropical areas. Under the same environmental conditions, block ice is not easy to melt and its storage life is relatively long; Large blocks of ice are very convenient in storage, handling and transportation, which is very important for small-scale fishing grounds and relatively remote areas. As a new type of ice machine, the direct cooling blo […]


Comparison between Water-cooling Condenser and Evaporative Condenser

In the design and manufacture of the ice machine, we will select the appropriate condenser according to the different use environment. For example, in cold areas in winter, we recommend using air-cooled or evaporative condensers to prevent frost cracking. Let’s learn about the difference between water-cooled condenser and evaporative condenser. Water-cooled condenser For the open cooling circulating water system, because the cooling water absorbs heat and contacts with the air, CO2 escapes into the air, and dissolved oxygen and turbidity in the water increase, causing four major problems in the cooling circulating water system: corrosion, scaling, bacteria and algae growth and sludge. Therefore, in areas with good water quality and low ambient temperature, we often use water cooling. Through the cooling tower, the temperature of the system will be reduced after water circulation, so as to realize the normal operation of the ice ma […]


Container Block Ice Machine: can be transferred

With the development of the refrigeration industry, when people choose refrigeration equipment, they not only consider the output, but also see whether the equipment is convenient to move – for example, there is no need to install the ice machine on site, or the work place is convenient to transfer. The emergence of container ice machine meets the needs of some customers. It does not need to be installed by yourself, which omits tedious installation steps, and the equipment is very convenient to move. Both brine cooling and direct cooling systems can be designed as container-type and installed in 20-foot and 40-foot containers that meet the international maritime transport standards. Users can choose the equipment according to their needs and site conditions. The specially made container is reinforced to prevent possible damage to the machine caused by the external environment, and can prevent sand, dust, rain and snow. Features o […]


A New Type Snow Machine: Can Fall Snow Like Natural Snow!

In recent years, snow falling machines have increasingly appeared in some ice and snow parks, and have been popular with tourists. Why is snow falling machine so popular? What is the difference between it and the ordinary snow machine? Firstly, the snow falling machine adopts excellent snowflake clutch technology to form artificial snow. Artificial snow feels cold and looks like natural snow. It can achieve the falling effect of natural snowflakes. Secondly, the snow falling machine adopts Freon compression direct cooling technology, which can make snow quickly and evenly without storing snow in advance. Comparing with other snow machine, snow falling machine is small, which can be easily suspended on the wall or roof. It can be integrated with the scene.  In addition, the falling snow machine will not be limited by the ambient temperature, inlet water temperature and air humidity. It can make snow stably in the four seasons. Lastly, th […]

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