Global Applications and Impact of Refrigeration

Today, there are around 2 billion household refrigerators and over 40 million square meters of cold-storage facilities operating worldwide. In the U.S. alone, over 8 million refrigerators are sold each year. Beyond our homes, restaurants, and supermarkets, refrigeration has global applications with a positive impact upon the economy, technology, social dynamics, health, and the environment. Global Economic Applications The refrigeration industry employs more than 2 million people worldwide, especially in the service sectors. Refrigeration is necessary for the implementation of many current or future energy sources (hydrogen liquefying for alternative fuels in the automotive industry and thermonuclear fusion production for the alternative energy industries). The petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries also need refrigeration, as it is used to control and moderate many types of reactions. Heat pumps, operating based on refrigeration p […]


US Commercial Refrigeration to Grow at 3.2% CAGR to 2025

There is growing demand for frozen and chilled products, expansion of cold chain capacity, technological advancements. The U.S. commercial refrigeration systems market is projected to expand at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2 percent in terms of value through 2025, according to a report from Future Market Insights. Commercial refrigeration systems are mainly used in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses and distribution centers, the foodservice industry, and food and beverage production units. These systems include products such as ice machines, vending machines, beverage refrigeration equipment, refrigerated display cases, trailers, trucks, containers, and walk-in and reach-in refrigerators. Growing demand for frozen and chilled products, expansion of cold chain capacity, technological advancements in commercial refrigeration systems, and rebates for energy-efficient products and practices are s […]



Refrigeration, the process of removing heat from an enclosed space or from a substance for the purpose of lowering the temperature. In the industrialized nations and affluent regions in the developing world, refrigeration is chiefly used to store foodstuffs at low temperatures, thus inhibiting the destructive action of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Many perishable products can be frozen, permitting them to be kept for months and even years with little loss in nutrition or flavor or change in appearance. Air-conditioning, the use of refrigeration for comfort cooling, has also become widespread in more developed nations. Before mechanical refrigeration systems were introduced, ancient peoples, including the Greeks and Romans, cooled their food with ice transported from the mountains. Wealthy families made use of snow cellars, pits that were dug into the ground and insulated with wood and straw, to store the ice. In this manner, packed snow a […]

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