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Ice Machines For Your Restaurant Commercial ice makers are used predominantly in hospitals, food service industries, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to produce ice for consumption and preservation. They consist mainly of a refrigeration system, a water supply, and a collection bin. Commercial ice maker basics In general, there are two main types of ice makers you can choose from: •Cubers – These are the most common ice makers for commercial use – 80% of all ice machines in the US create ice in cube form. Cuber ice makers are popular in restaurants, bars, hotels, convenience stores, and fast food franchises. •Flakers – This type of ice is easy to pack and mold to any shape. Flakers are the ice makers of choice for hospitals, health care facilities, and research laboratories. They are also used frequently in grocery shops for packing produce, seafood, and meat displays, restaurants to keep salad bar items fresh, and on fishing boats. A […]


Ice Machines Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is the key to maximum running efficiency, less downtime, and longer life out of an ice machine. The primary items for an ice machine PM check are as follows: Clean and sanitize the water system. Clean air filters on air-cooled models. Check external filter system and change cartridges as needed. Check inlet water valve screens. Conduct bearing and auger inspection on extruded ice makers. Conduct a visual inspection of components, controls, and wiring for oil spots, loose wires, loose fasteners, corrosion, etc. Clean the bin interior and unit exterior. Clean and Sanitize As ice forms on an ice machine evaporator plate, a separation occurs. Minerals separate from the water and form scale which sticks to the surfaces of the water system components. This scale will be more visible when the surfaces are dry. The color of the scale will vary due to the type of minerals in the local water supply. As an example, lime […]


Compressors 101

Pumps Versus Compressors Some people say that compressors are simply pumps that pump gas. This may be true to some extent, but significant differences exist between them. First, let’s explore the similarities. They both have positive displacement and dynamic designs capable of satisfying a broad range of flow and head requirements. Reciprocating pumps and compressors are both used for low-flow, high-head applications; centrifugal pumps and compressors are used for high flow, low-head applications and screw pumps and compressors are used for mid-flow, mid-head applications. As with pumps, multistaging can be used with any of these compressor designs whenever higher heads are required.  Both pumps and compressors use seals, bearings, lubrications systems and some type of driver. This is where the similarities end. The T-Word (Thermodynamics) The key difference between pumps and compressors is related to the thermodynamic nature of g […]

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