How to choose the proper ice machine

If you are in a business that relies on ice, you no doubt need an ice machine to make ice for you. However, the type of ice machine that is right for your business will vary greatly depending on what exactly you’re serving. There are several different types of ice machines and each produces a different kind of ice. If you are serving iced drinks, mixed drinks, or bagging ice to be sold or dispensed, then you will probably need a cubed ice machine. This type of machine is perfect for bars, bagging facilities, and many restaurants. Ice-o-Matic, Manitowoc, and Hoshizaki, and Scotsman all make variations of these machines. All of these produce the rhomboid ice cubes found in most bars and restaurants, with the exception of Hoshizaki’s cube, which is round. These type of ice machines offer a higher water to ice ratio, allowing for a slower melt, decreasing production. Another good choice for those in the bar or restaurant industr […]


R20 vs R404A: do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

According to a publication of the ‘Improving Cold Storage Equipment in Europe’ (ICE-E) project deliverables, the use of ammonia in cold stores and food processing industry applications is growing in Europe, however, the use of R404A is still quite common. In North America on the other hand, the use of ammonia is predominant, at least in large cold stores. The two refrigerants can be considered almost equivalent in terms of relationship saturation temperature/pressure, volumetric cooling capacity, thermodynamic efficiency of the reference ideal cycle. With this in mind, the “Refrigerants” information document of the ICE-E Info Pack, looks at other criteria like refrigerant cost, leakage detection, environmental compatibility or refrigerant compatibility with materials to analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of R404A and R717. Advantages of ammonia over R404A The advantages of ammonia, when compared to R404A, are cost, heat trans […]


How to determine which capacity to choose

When deciding which ice machine will be best for your needs, it is important to consider the application of the ice produced and determine the amount of ice needed. It is important to consider your ice demand during both high and low seasons, ensuring that you are never with a surplus of unusable ice or without ice in a peak season. The table below gives a good representation of ice usage estimates based on the industry your ice machine is needed for. Type of Operation Usage Food Service Restaurant 1.5 lbs. Per Person Bar/Cocktail 3.5 lbs. Per Seat Salad Bar 40 lbs. Per Cubic Foot Fast Food 5 oz. Per 7 – 10 oz. Drink 8 oz. Per 12 – 16 oz. Drink 12 oz. Per 18 – 24 oz. Drink Lodging Guest Ice 5 lbs. Per Room Restaurant 1.5 lbs. Per Seat Cocktail 3 lbs. Per Seat Catering 1 lb. Per Person Convenience Store/ Supermarket Self-Serve Beverage 6 oz. Per 12 oz. Drink 10 oz. Per 20 oz. Drink 16 oz. Per 32 oz. Drink Bagged Ice Pounds Per Bag X Bags […]

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