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Concrete Cooling System Introduction

The concrete cooling system is a system designed to control concrete temperature, which plays an important role in construction and infrastructure projects. The temperature will increase during the process of hardening, which may lead to a series of problems, such as the formation of cracks and the reduction of concrete strength. To solve these problems, the concrete cooling system is widely used to ensure the quality and durability of concrete.

The concrete cooling system is composed of cold water systems, shell ice system, automatic ice storage system, ice delivery system and weighing system. Next, the editor will introduce each system.

Water chiller system:
Water chillers can provide cold water and ice water with constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure. No matter how low the temperature of the water is, how large the cooling temperature difference is, and the level 1-4 cooling method can provide a complete set of cooling solutions.
The water chiller has a completely independent refrigeration system, which is not affected by temperature and environment, and can perform high -precision, high efficiency temperature control. The water chiller has an independent water circulation system, which can save a lot of water.
The design of the industrial water chiller is reasonable, easy to operate, and excellent quality. A variety of specifications are available to choose from, which can be tailored according to customer needs. This equipment can significantly improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. It is an indispensable partner in modern industrialization production.

Film Ice Ice System:
The container box -type ice maker can not only adapt to the green climate of the temperate and subtropicals, but also operate efficiently under tropical hot climate conditions. It is widely used in the rapid cooling of the concrete mixing station.

Automatic ice storage system:
In order to ensure that the ice ice is dry and fragile, it is convenient for the spiral or gas to send the device to send ice. The automatic ice storage system has an important role. It not only greatly improves the space usage rate of the ice storage, but also has a cold storage with a double -layer insulation layer. It can be stored in full ice. In the case, it can still ensure the smooth cycle of cold air and keep the library temperature of -8 ° C in the ice bank. There are two types of housing -belt -type automatic ice storage library and rake automatic ice storage library, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

Ice delivery system:
The spiral ice delivery scheme has better performance and more economical on the short -distance conveyor ice ice ice. We can provide hot -dip galvanized scattered and pipeline spiral machines. The spiral conveyor can also convey the ice ice to the two operating points. It is the most effective direct -line transmitting ice and the ice delivery device to the high place. The single spiral conveyor can reach 25 meters long. Through parallel multi -Taiwan spiral machines, we can design and produce ice -delivery devices with different conveying distances and conveying capabilities according to customer requirements.

Weighing system:
The weighing device can choose a spiral weighing machine and a startup weighing machine. Spiral weighing machine is a fully automatic weighing system made of stainless steel. Equipped with a weighted device, a heavy machine can directly enter the weighed shell to directly enter the gas conveying device. The weight range is 200 ~ 3000kg. The pneumatic machine is called heavy machine, and the weighing shell can fall into the ingredients belt machine, and in the mixer or in the aggregate rake bucket. It can be called 550 ~ 850kg
The concrete cooling system is widely used in various large -scale infrastructure projects, such as nuclear power plants, large reservoirs and highways. The following are the advantages of the concrete cooling system:
Improve the strength and durability of concrete: Control the temperature of the concrete to help avoid the formation of cracks and improve the overall strength and durability of the concrete.
Accelerate the hardening of concrete: By controlling the temperature, the hardening process of concrete can be more uniform and rapid, shortening the engineering cycle.
Improve construction conditions: Working in high temperature environments may affect construction personnel and equipment. The concrete cooling system can improve construction conditions and improve work efficiency.
Comply with engineering standards: In some projects, the control of concrete temperature is necessary to meet relevant engineering standards and specifications.

In general, the concrete cooling system plays a key role in building and infrastructure projects to ensure the quality and stability of the concrete structure. By choosing a suitable concrete cooling system, the problems brought by the increase in temperature can be effectively cope with the success rate and sustainability of the project.




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