Focusun New System for Snowmaking

Using tap water as raw material, through compression refrigeration, combined with excellent Focusun snow clutch technology, Focusun snowmaker can produce artificial snow with a high degree of simulation of natural snow. If the device is placed 3-5 meters above the ground, you can achieve the effects of the snow flying in the sky.

Different from the traditional man-made snow, this kind of artificial snow feels cold, very similar to natural snow, which can create an effect of light flying sense. Even in the hot summer in the south area, artificial snow created by Focusun machine can provide snow scene for the hot springs, snow-themed bar, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, snow huts, animals venues, large gatherings, films and television shows, etc. where people can enjoy the snow fun from the art.

Focusun artificial snow falling machine structure is compacted, modular designed, convenient to install. Just need to connect the power, water, and it can be directly put into use. The capacity of Focusun scenery snow falling making the machine can be adjusted according to actual needs can be divided into a small middle and large capacity, the snow falling effect is obvious, and can meet the needs of snow covering for 20-50 square meters.


- Provide two kinds of snowmaking machine or snow falling machine which can work in above and below zero;
- Without the limit of ambient temperature, making snow during spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons;
- Light snowfall, capacity can be controlled and adjusted to small middle and big type;
- Diffusing snow, intermittent snow, blizzards type snow and other kinds of snow mode, snow effect is obvious;
- Snowmachine runs in low noise, durable; the machine noise is about 40 dB.
- Water and electricity – saving a design, reduce operating expenses;
- Snowmaker is made of stainless steel 304, high quality, and well matches the scenery.



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