How Much Do You Know About Water Chiller?

Water chiller is a refrigeration device that provides constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure cooling water. It absorbs indoor heat by circulating the refrigerant in the refrigeration system and releases the heat outdoors through the coolant.

Water chiller is different from general water cooling equipment in that it has a completely independent refrigeration system that is never affected by gas temperature or the environment. The water temperature can be adjusted and controlled, thus achieving high-precision and high-efficiency temperature control. The water chiller is equipped with an independent water circulation system, and the water inside the chiller can be recycled to save a lot of water.

The working principle of water chiller is based on a refrigeration cycle, usually consisting of four main components, including a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. The following is a brief description of the working principle of the water chiller:

Compressor: The compressor is the core component of water chiller, responsible for compressing the refrigerant into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and delivering it to the condenser.

Condenser: The condenser is the second component of the refrigeration cycle, which converts high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant into high-pressure liquid through cooling. The cooling method is usually achieved by dissipating heat from water or air, releasing heat from high-temperature and high-pressure gases to cool them down.

Expansion valve: The expansion valve is the third component of the refrigeration cycle, located on a high-pressure liquid pipeline, responsible for reducing the pressure of the refrigerant, making it a low-pressure liquid after passing through the expansion valve, in order to enter the evaporator.

Evaporator: The evaporator is the last component of the refrigeration cycle, which receives low-pressure refrigerant liquid and evaporates it internally, absorbing surrounding heat into the refrigerant and transforming it into a low-temperature and low-pressure vapor state. The low-temperature and low-pressure steam then enters the compressor and repeats the refrigeration cycle.

Throughout the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant continuously flows between the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator, absorbing and releasing heat to control the temperature and humidity of the indoor air. By adjusting the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant, the water chiller can achieve different cooling effects and meet the needs of different environments.

Industrial water chiller is designed reasonably, easy to operate, and has excellent quality. There are various specifications to choose from, and it can also be customized according to customer needs. Water chiller equipment can significantly improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs, making it an indispensable companion in modern industrial production.

The cooling capacity of water chiller can be adjusted as needed to meet different application requirements. They are commonly used in fields such as air conditioning systems, industrial production, frozen storage, and food processing, providing reliable and efficient solutions for indoor and outdoor temperature control. Focusun’s water chillers can provide constant temperature, constant flow, and constant pressure cold water and ice water. No matter how low the outlet temperature is or how large the cooling temperature difference is, Focusun can provide a complete cooling plan by using a 1-4 stage cooling method.




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