Ski, winter, snow - family enjoying winter vacation

Summer is here, do you want to build a summer resort?

Summer is approaching, today I will recommend a summer resort – Ice and Snow Park. In the ice and snow park, there are ski resorts, ice rinks, curling rinks, ice sculpture exhibition areas, snow falling areas, parent-child interaction areas, etc. Here, you can not only avoid the high heat, but also experience the fun of ice and snow.

Focusun provides a complete set of indoor snow park construction services. In addition to the park construction, we can also provide services such as project background analysis, financial calculation, risk control and prevention. Next, I will give you a specific introduction to the construction of the project:

Firstly, the project site selection is based on the principles of ecological and environmental protection, strong operability, venue safety, and there are many consumers in both the Eastern and Summer seasons; The site selection conditions are an area of 4000 square meters or more, with few indoor columns, a floor height of at least 5 meters or more, a building floor bearing capacity of not less than 3.5KN/m2, convenient transportation, a parking lot, sufficient supporting transformers, and not less than 1000KVA.

Next is the construction of venue systems: we will provide related services and construction for ground cooling systems, venue cooling systems, and fresh air and dehumidification systems. Since Focusun’s establishment in China, we have provided the construction of a venue system for industries such as sports, aviation, chemical, and tourism, and have repeatedly succeeded in building it.

Then there is site construction: We will utilize advanced technology in ice making and artificial snow making to provide site construction such as ice rinks, ice sculpture halls, ski resorts, and floating snow areas. Regarding ice making, Ferguson Refrigeration takes pride in providing the world’s most energy-efficient ice machines, and our leading ice making technology is changing and creating the next refrigeration era. Regarding snow making, in 2013, Ferguson’s new artificial snow making machine was officially granted a patent certificate. Since then, Ferguson’s ski making machine (in high-temperature and high humidity areas) has become the standard equipment for most ice and snow projects in China. In addition, Ferguson has independently developed a snow drift machine that can fall like natural snow, making it the first snow drift machine in China and receiving many recognition and welcome.

Finally, there is the design of entertainment themes, which are the key to the success of a park. We will plan and build different ice and snow amusement projects according to the customer’s requirements, creating a unique ice and snow park for you.

Years of experience in building ice and snow parks have given Ferguson rich experience. Our products have passed the ISO-9001 quality management system certification, and our customers are located worldwide.




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