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A New Favorite in the Ice Machine Industry – Slurry Ice Machine

The emergence of ice machines has brought many conveniences to life, but the variety of ice machines is limited and cannot meet the needs of all customers. Focusun, a leading ice maker brand with nearly a century of glorious history, continuously innovates and brings European products and lifestyles that are simple, environmentally friendly, and full of design to the Chinese market. This time, Focusun set off again with his newly developed product, the slurry Ice Machine, with a firm attitude towards the established goals.

How much do you know about slurry ice?

Slurry ice is an aqueous solution containing suspended ice crystal particles. Research has shown that the cooling energy of slurry ice is 4-8 times higher than that of cold seawater, and its cooling capacity is 1.8-4.3 times that of cooling water. When cooling aquatic products, slurry ice has a higher cooling rate compared to traditional flake ice, which means cooling fish of the same quality, reducing the same temperature, and requiring lower compressor power consumption to produce slurry ice compared to the power consumption to produce flake ice. When using slurry ice pre cooling, the fish body can be fully immersed in the slurry ice, effectively preventing the loss of water in the fish body and reducing quality loss during the production process.


Slurry ice has outstanding advantages in cooling fish

1. The latent heat and heat exchange area of flowing ice are large, which can quickly pre cool the catch;

2. It can prevent the quality decline of frozen fish caused by the adverse effects of ice crystals, such as protein denaturation and tissue structure damage;

3. Slurry ice can be produced by adding a little salt to seawater or fresh water, which is efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Focusun Group in Germany has always been committed to developing more efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products, continuously providing Chinese consumers with truly high-quality and user-friendly ice machines, advocating a harmonious and environmentally friendly quality of life, and providing more comprehensive and high-quality services to global customers. Visit www.focsun.com to find out more information.




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