Ice machine science popularization: precautions and cleaning methods

Location: The ice maker should be placed in a well ventilated and temperature appropriate location, not in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

Check the power supply: Check whether the power cord of the ice maker is grounded, whether the plug is secure, whether the wire is aging, and whether the power switch is normal.

Operation method: Follow the instructions of the ice maker manual, do not overload, do not adjust the cooling temperature and ice making time arbitrarily, otherwise it will affect the lifespan and ice making effect of the machine.

Attention to safety: The ice maker may generate high temperatures and pressures during operation. Do not open the machine or damage the sealing structure of the machine to avoid danger.

Storage method: When not using the ice maker for a long time, the water tank should be emptied, the power cord should be unplugged, and a dry and ventilated environment should be maintained to avoid being affected by moisture and dust.

Regularly replace the filter element: The filter element of the ice maker will accumulate a large amount of bacteria and impurities after being used for a period of time, which will affect the ice making effect. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replace the filter element to ensure the water quality of the ice.

Cleaning and maintenance: The ice maker should be cleaned and kept hygienic after each use. Regularly clean the machine, including the water tank, condenser, and other parts.

The cleaning of an ice maker generally includes the following steps:

Ice Machine Cleaning Method:

1. Power off: First, unplug the power supply of the ice maker to ensure safety during the cleaning process.

2. Cleaning the water tank: Pour out the residual water in the tank, thoroughly rinse the inside of the tank with clean water, and remove any dirt and impurities inside the tank.

3. Cleaning the refrigeration system: Use a dedicated cleaning agent to clean the refrigeration system. The use of the cleaning agent should follow the instructions in the manual, usually by mixing the cleaning agent with clean water and injecting it into the water tank. Then, turn on the refrigeration system switch and let the cleaning solution circulate for a period of time, and finally rinse it clean with clean water.

4. Cleaning the water pipe: Remove the water pipe from the water tank and thoroughly clean it with clean water and cleaning agent to ensure that there are no blockages or dirt.

5. Cleaning the ice making grid: Take out the ice making grid and thoroughly clean it with water and cleaning agent, paying attention to cleaning the gaps between the grids.

6. Wipe the shell: Use a damp cloth to wipe the shell and control panel of the ice maker to maintain cleanliness.

7. After cleaning, rinse repeatedly with clean water to ensure that there are no residual cleaning agents or dirt. Finally, pour out all the water from the ice maker, dry the inside and outside of the water tank with a clean towel, and then reinstall the water tank and ice maker.




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