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Cold storage is a kind of refrigeration equipment, which refers to the use of artificial means to create an environment different from the outdoor temperature or humidity. It is also a constant temperature and humidity storage equipment for food, liquid, chemical, pharmaceutical, vaccine, scientific experiments and other items. Cold storage is usually located near the shipping port or the place of origin. The cold storage is mainly composed of several parts: the storage body, the refrigeration system, the cooling system, the control system and the auxiliary system. Compared with refrigerators, the cooling area is larger and has a common cooling principle.

Cold storage can be divided into fresh storage, refrigeration storage, and quick-freezing storage according to the use. The temperature of the fresh-keeping storage is +3~+5°C, which is often used to keep vegetables and fruits fresh. The temperature of refrigeration storage is -20~-18°C, which is used for cold storage of meat and seafood. The temperature of the quick-freezing warehouse is -38~-33°C, which is used for quick-freezing of meat and seafood. According to the different properties of the cold storage, it can also be divided into large and small cold storage, container cold storage, pipe-type cold storage, solar cold storage, shelf cold storage, food-grade stainless steel cold storage, etc., and the appropriate cold storage can be selected according to requirements.

Precautions for the use of cold storage

1. Adjust the temperature. Adjust the temperature of the cold storage according to the type and quantity of food stored. If the temperature is not set properly, it will affect the freshness of food.

2. Avoid overfilling. Overfilling restricts airflow, causing uneven temperatures. Therefore, storing too much food in cold storage should be avoided.

3. Avoid frequent opening and closing of cold storage doors. Frequent opening and closing of the cold storage door will cause temperature changes and affect the freshness of food. Therefore, if necessary, the number of times to open and close the door should be minimized.

4. Pay attention to clean food. Before storing food, it should be cleaned. When taking out food, you should also pay attention to hygiene to avoid bringing bacteria into the cold storage.

5. Check the food regularly. Regularly check the food stored in the cold storage to ensure its shelf life and quality. If spoiled food is found, it should be cleaned and replaced in time.

The cold storage produced by Focusun adopts original imported compressors from Europe and America, which have good performance, low noise and high reliability; it adopts a fully automatic computer digital display temperature controller, which is easy and intuitive to operate, economical and efficient; the storage temperature is easy to adjust, and the power saving reaches 30%. Widely used in biology, industry, food, aquatic products, flowers, medicine, restaurants, logistics and other industries. At present, there are many cold storage manufacturers on the market, but there are only a handful of products that are truly durable and guaranteed, so you must keep your eyes open when choosing a manufacturer.




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