Amazing: The high-temperature snowmaking system reported by Xinhua News Agency

Focusun has always focused on how to produce snow that is close to natural snow, safe, non-toxic, low power consumption, and resistant to sliding and weathering. Through continuous efforts, high-temperature snow making system has been developed.

Focusun’s high-temperature snow making equipment is not afraid of ambient temperature, air humidity, and inlet water temperature, breaking through the limitations of various environmental factors, and can make snow at a maximum temperature of 35 ℃. The snow produced is also easy to maintain its quality over a long period of time, and is resistant to sliding and weathering, making it more suitable for resisting sublimation and the impact of heat from light sources than natural snow.

The high-temperature snow making system uses a ice flake crushing snow maker, using ice flakes as raw materials to make snow. The produced sheet ice is crushed into powder through an ice crushing device, and powdery ice crystals are blown out through an air conveying system, thereby achieving the effect of drifting snow. The ice flake crushing snow maker completely eliminates the dependence on ambient temperature and humidity, and can make snow at+35 ° C, making it very suitable for making snow in high-temperature areas in the south.

Characteristics of high-temperature snowmaking system:

-The snow production is large, and according to the actual snow demand of customers, it can provide 1 ton to 5000 tons of artificial snow per day.

-Get rid of natural conditions and achieve uninterrupted snow production in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

-The conveying distance of artificial snow can be as far as 300 meters, and the straight distance of snow spraying can be as far as 25 meters (the distance between the snow pipe and the ground is 45 degrees).

-The equipment is a container type complete system, which reduces on-site civil engineering costs and also plays a role in reducing equipment noise.

-Equipped with a remote WEB based intelligent monitoring and security system, the machine’s working state is controlled for 24 hours.

For many people, the price of a high-temperature snowmaking system is not cheap. If you want to make snow in places such as ice and snow parks, ski resorts, hotels, ice sculpture halls, restaurants, etc., renting a snow maker is also a good choice.




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