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How to Choose a Satisfactory Ice Machine?

Many people want to buy ice machines, but they don’t know how to choose. Today, I will show you how to choose a satisfactory ice maker. When purchasing an ice machine, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Type of ice: different types of ice machines produce different shapes of ice, so ice makers should be selected according to the use of ice. For example, flake ice has no sharp edges and corners, and will not damage the external surface of the frozen object, so it is mainly used in seafood, aquatic products, food processing, etc.

2. Capacity: according to the amount of ice required, select the appropriate size of ice machine specifications to prevent the production of ice cubes from being insufficient or causing unnecessary waste.

3. Energy efficiency: When selecting an ice maker, be sure to ask clearly about the energy efficiency of the ice maker. An ice maker with high energy efficiency will greatly reduce energy costs in subsequent production.

4. Price: budget should be considered when selecting ice maker. Choose a satisfactory ice maker within the acceptable price range.

5. Brand reputation: For the big equipment, the brand can greatly improve the reliability of the product. Try to choose a brand with good reputation and good record in quality and customer service.

6. After-sales service: When purchasing an ice machine, be sure to ask how long the after-sales service is provided, so that problems can be solved immediately.

7. Customer evaluation: Search for the customer evaluation of the ice machine you want to buy in many ways. Customer evaluation often enables us to know about the advantages and disadvantages of various ice machines more comprehensively and accurately.

After reading the article, if you don’t know how to choose an ice machine, you can tell us your requirements in a message, and we will answer your questions~




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