Welfare of Supermarkets–Cube Ice Machine

There are many kinds of ice machines, and the most common one in daily life is cube ice machine. The cube ice machine is safe, efficient, energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for convenience store, cafe, milk tea shop, bar, banquet hall, fast food restaurants, and hotels.

The shape of cube ice is square, and the size can be selected according to the needs. In addition to the cube ice machine, there are also options for snowflake ice machine, bullet ice machine and moon ice machine.

Features of cube ice machine:

1. Adopt hot fluorine to doff ice, so the speed is fast. The whole ice-doffing process only takes 150-180 seconds;

2. Add the deicing drainage function, and drain the remaining water in the cold water tank instantaneously during deicing to make the ice cleaner and transparent;

3. The compressor imported from Europe and America has good performance, low noise and high reliability;

4. The machine head can be overlapped to double the ice making capacity;

5. Microcomputer automatic control system, safe and stable operation;

6. The refrigerator is made of food-grade PE material, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene;

7. The door plate of the large ice storage cabinet is easy to take ice and clean;

8. R134A and R404A environmental friendly refrigerants are used to make ice more environmentally friendly;

9. The evaporator tube is made of red copper, supplemented by special nickel plating process, to extend the service life and improve the refrigeration efficiency.




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