Ice Crusher: Make Ice Machine More Popular

Today, we will introduce the ice crusher, which can turn ice into small ice particles to meet people’s needs. For example, you bought an ice breaker, but you want to use it to freeze and keep fresh food. However, large block ice can not be well contacted with seafood in a large area, which requires ice crushing. After being processed by the ice crusher, large pieces of ice can become fragmented ice.

Working principle: The power supply drives the motor to run, and the rotating motor drives the blade to start rotating at high speed, thus turning the large block ice into clastic ice.

Features of ice breaker: 

1.High quality ice crusher meets different ice crushing requirements.

2.The ice cubes after secondary ice crushing are more widely used.

3.Modular design makes operation safer and faster.

4.Made by SUS304, the ice crushing process is sanitary and safe.

Model selection: There are two common ice crusher, one is tube ice crusher, and the other is block ice crusher. When purchasing an ice crusher, you should choose according to the type of ice to be crushed, the degree of crushing, and the size of ice before and after crushing.

Application: After being processed by the ice crusher, it can be used to make ice cream, smoothies, wine mixing, fruit juice and other drinks, and can also be used as Japanese food, hot pot restaurant ingredients, and ice table.

This is the introduction of the ice breaker. If you are interested in the equipment, please leave a message.




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