Efficient and Energy Saving Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

In response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, fully implement the new development concept, and highlight the corporate responsibility in promoting carbon peak and carbon neutralization, the ultra-low energy consumption ice maker came into being. Let’s learn about this direct cooling ice machine.

Block ice is used for food processing, fishery production, cooling and preservation, factory cooling, etc. Block ice is divided into transparent ice and milky white ice, and transparent ice is mostly used for ice sculptures. Block ice plays an irreplaceable role in tropical areas. Under the same environmental conditions, block ice is not easy to melt and its storage life is relatively long; Large blocks of ice are very convenient in storage, handling and transportation, which is very important for small-scale fishing grounds and relatively remote areas.

As a new type of ice machine, the direct cooling block ice machine is not only reliable, but also has new breakthroughs in many aspects:

1. Energy consumption breakthrough: 63 kilowatts per ton of ice, saving 54% electricity

2. Operation breakthrough: truly fully automatic, saving labor

3. Ice doffing breakthrough: batch ice doffing, only 20 minutes in the whole process

4. Ice pushing breakthrough: automatic ice pushing, forklift ice removal

5. Material breakthrough: can use 27 years of food-grade alloy evaporator

6. Appearance breakthrough: making machine with art craft

Ice making principle: during ice making, water is automatically injected into the ice box. The refrigerant in the flow channel outside each ice box directly exchanges heat with water, and the water in the water tank is then cooled and frozen. At this time, the system will automatically switch to the ice doffing mode, and the hot gas will melt the ice surface. The whole doffing ice process only takes 25 minutes.

The direct cooling block ice machine can realize one-stop full-automatic operation: automatic water filling, automatic ice making, automatic deicing and automatic ice removal. After the ice melting process is over, press the button to easily move the ice along with the tray to the outer space. Customers can choose parallel or vertical ice according to the site location.




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