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Incredible: the cooling system of Qatar World Cup stadium!

In the past a few days, the Qatar World Cup is in full swing. Fans and enthusiasts from all over the world come to Qatar to enjoy the visual feast of football giants brought by the world’s top 32 teams.

Today we are going to talk about refrigeration. Qatar has a tropical desert climate. Even though the World Cup is scheduled for winter, the temperature is not low. In order to provide a comfortable environment for athletes and spectators, the stadium of this World Cup is equipped with a cooling system. Note that not only the stadium has a cooling system, but the rich Qataris also have a cooling system on the streets outside.B     WechatIMG103

If you are walking on the streets outside Qatar, you may feel a chill on your back while walking. What is the reason? Take a closer look, oh my God, it’s actually the air outlet of the sewer that gives off cool air. Are you surprised? You say luxury is not?

This football World Cup is destined to be an unusual World Cup, because Qatar is too hot, reaching 45 degrees in summer. Even now, the outside temperature is around 35 degrees. Only in terms of cooling technology, it has broken many worlds. Record, the purpose is to bring joyful experience to audiences and contestants from all over the world.

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