ice machines

The Future of Ice Machines

1. Ice machines have been widely popularized in European and American countries

The ice machine is a kind of refrigeration machinery that cools the water through the evaporator by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system to generate ice. At present, the annual output of ice machines in China is about 140,000 units. The ice machine industry is still an emerging industry in China. The market space is huge, and the competition is also intensifying.

ice machines

Ice makers are mainly divided into large industrial and commercial ice makers and small commercial ice makers. Large ice machines are mainly used in large commercial supermarkets, meat processing, ice storage air conditioners, concrete cooling, textile chemicals and other fields. Small ice machines are mainly used in hotel catering, commercial places (coffee shops, ktv, bars, etc.), medical biology and other fields.


It is understood that at present, ice machines have been widely popularized in European and American countries. In European and American countries, people have formed the habit of adding ice cubes to drinks since childhood. There, ice cubes are used for wine storage, ice wine and bartending. And wine is a must-have drink for Europeans and Americans at home. Therefore, the popularity of ice machines in European and American countries is astonishingly high. In addition, the ice cubes produced by the ice maker are also widely used in European and American countries to apply ice to wounds. It can prevent wound bleeding, reduce trauma pain, and even need ice cubes to reduce fever.

With the development of the times and the improvement of people’s living standards, ice machine products that are closely related to hotels and entertainment venues will surely have great development prospects.




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