A New Type Snow Machine: Can Fall Snow Like Natural Snow!

In recent years, snow falling machines have increasingly appeared in some ice and snow parks, and have been popular with tourists. Why is snow falling machine so popular? What is the difference between it and the ordinary snow machine?微信图片_20210227083815

Firstly, the snow falling machine adopts excellent snowflake clutch technology to form artificial snow. Artificial snow feels cold and looks like natural snow. It can achieve the falling effect of natural snowflakes.

Secondly, the snow falling machine adopts Freon compression direct cooling technology, which can make snow quickly and evenly without storing snow in advance. Comparing with other snow machine, snow falling machine is small, which can be easily suspended on the wall or roof. It can be integrated with the scene. 

In addition, the falling snow machine will not be limited by the ambient temperature, inlet water temperature and air humidity. It can make snow stably in the four seasons.

Lastly, the snow falling machine is based on modular design, so it is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Structure of snow falling machine: the main structure includes indoor snow maker (evaporator), refrigeration unit and electrical control box.DSC_0261

Principle of snow falling machine: During operation, the refrigerant will gather and flow in the indoor snow maker (evaporator), so that the water attached to the outer wall of the three circular rollers of the snow maker will quickly freeze. At this time, the ice blade located above will cut the ice on the rotating roller to form snowflakes and fall freely, thus producing the effect of snowflakes falling.

Applications of the snow falling machine: snow theme hot spring, zoo, snow theme bar, coffee shop, bath center snow sauna, snow hut outdoor shop, Christmas snow activities, snow art landscaping.




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