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A good partner in fishery production——Flake ice machine

Flake ice machine is a kind of equipment specially used to make ice flakes. It uses refrigerant to quickly reduce the temperature of water and freeze it into ice sheets through a refrigeration cycle system. The flake ice machine has the characteristics of fast ice making, large-capacity storage, automatic control and various ice flake options. It is widely used in the catering industry for making iced drinks, juices, smoothies and refrigerated food. At the same time, it also plays an important role in household use, commercial places, medical institutions and refrigerated transportation. So, how much do you know about flake ice machines?

First of all, flake ice machines can be divided into fresh water flake ice machines and sea water flake ice machines. The seawater flake ice machine is specially designed for marine ice-making operations to overcome seawater corrosion, pitching and swaying of ships and other characteristics. Among them, the seawater flake ice machine can be further divided into seawater marine flake ice machine and seawater land flake ice machine.

Second, how is flake ice made? The principle of flake ice making machine: the ice blade, sprinkler tray, main shaft, and water tray are driven by the reducer to rotate slowly counterclockwise. Water enters the water distribution tray from the water inlet of the evaporator of the ice machine, and through the sprinkler pipe, the water is evenly sprinkled on the icing surface to form a water film.
The water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant, and the temperature drops rapidly, forming a thin layer of ice on the icing surface. Under the extrusion of the ice blade, it breaks into pieces of ice and falls into the ice storage from the ice outlet. Part of the unfrozen water returns to the cold water tank from the water return port through the water receiving tray, and circulates through the cold water circulation pump.

Flake ice machine equipment features:
Internal scraping blades reduce energy consumption and prevent refrigerant leakage.
Stainless steel material, using advanced processing equipment and heat treatment technology to ensure the best heat transfer efficiency.
The large-area water tray design prevents water from dripping from the bottom of the evaporator.
A photoelectric switch is directly installed at the bottom of the evaporator, and the ice is fully controlled automatically.
Direct liquid supply, dry evaporation, simple, safe and reliable control.
Overall, modular equipment, easy on-site installation and maintenance.
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Application of flake ice: Irregular shape of flake ice, thin ice flakes; no sharp edges and corners, will not damage the outer surface of the object to be cooled; large contact area, fast cooling speed; ice flakes are easy to crush and have strong plasticity, so they are widely used in food processing , fishery production, manufacturing, and concrete cooling and other fields.

The appearance of the flake ice machine has brought great convenience to our life, such as ensuring that the product does not deteriorate, so that non-coastal areas can also eat seafood. The flake ice machine is easy to operate, energy-saving and durable, and is favored by more and more people.




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