Focusun Snow Maker – Specifically Designed for High-temperature Areas

High temperature snow maker is a new type of snowflake manufacturing equipment that can produce real snowflakes in high-temperature environments. The high-temperature snowmaker produced by Ferguson can work in a high temperature environment of 35 degrees Celsius, providing not only the needs of winter ski resorts, but also ice and snow entertainment projects for summer resorts, theme parks, etc. At the same time, we also provide rental services for high-temperature snowmaking equipment, providing customers with more flexible and customized snowflake manufacturing solutions.

High temperature snow maker structure

Container ice maker: With a snow production capacity of up to 100 cubic meters per day, it can produce snow indoors and outdoors. The snow is dry and soft, suitable for various snow activities.

Container type automatic rake type ice storage: Fully automatic rake type ice storage, with functions such as automatic storage, leveling, ice discharge, and weighing. 40HQ can store 14-16 tons of ice; 20GP can store 7-8 tons of ice.

Automatic snow making machine: high-power snow making machine with built-in siphon system, snow powder and remote transportation, one click start, equipped with variable frequency speed control system, uniform snow making speed, anti-clogging.

Automatic snow sprayer: Remote snow spraying device, smooth and fast snow discharge, easy to use. Snow is produced in all seasons, with a delicate powder that is highly similar to natural snow.

The raw materials used in a high-temperature snowmaker are sheet ice or tube ice, which are crushed by the internal cutter of the high-temperature snowmaker and then sprayed out through a nozzle to form snowflakes. By adjusting the internal parameters of the high-temperature snowmaker, snowflakes of different shapes, sizes, and densities can be achieved, making the ski resort and ice and snow entertainment projects more diverse.

Compared to traditional snow making equipment, high-temperature snow makers have the following advantages:

Working in high-temperature environments does not require too low temperatures. This means that our high-temperature snowmaker can provide ice and snow entertainment in summer resorts, theme parks, and other places.

The snowflakes produced are more realistic. Traditional snow making equipment often only produces snowflakes of one shape and size, while high-temperature snow makers can customize snowflakes of different shapes, sizes, and densities according to customer needs, creating more realistic and realistic snowflakes.

The operation is simpler and more convenient. Our high-temperature snow making machine is equipped with an intelligent control system internally. As long as the parameters are set properly, the machine can work automatically without too much manual intervention.

Energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared to traditional snow making equipment, our high-temperature snow making machine does not require a large amount of energy and water resources, and can be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.




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