The Gospel of Cooked Food Stores – Vacuum Pre Cooler

Many people who want to operate restaurants and food factories don’t know how to improve the shelf life of food. Most of them cool the food by air cooling, water cooling, ice cooling, etc., and then put it in the freezer and cold storage. Today, I would like to recommend a device for you, which can cool cooked food at 90°C to normal temperature 25°C in about 25 minutes, and below 10°C in 30 minutes. It can quickly pass through the high-speed breeding area of bacteria (30°C~60°C), control the increase of bacteria, and improve the hygiene and safety of food. This equipment is the cooked food vacuum pre-cooler, which is an indispensable food machinery equipment in developed countries such as Europe and the United States to solve the problem of high-temperature cooked food fresh-keeping packaging. Main function: remove the heat left by cooking food. Solving the problems of excessive bacteria, long time, and high energy consumption in the cooling process of traditional cold storage can not only extend the shelf life of food shelves, but also lock in the delicious taste and color of food. The cooling process saves energy and protects the environment. Working principle: Under the continuous action of the built-in vacuum pump of the vacuum cooked food vacuum pre-cooler, the vacuum box forms a pressure difference between the inside and outside. Under the effect of this pressure difference, the surface pressure of the water molecules inside/outside the food is greatly reduced. In this way, water molecules quickly change from liquid to gas to form “heat of vaporization” and are continuously pumped out, taking away a large amount of heat, and high-temperature cooked foods such as stewed meat can be cooled quickly and evenly. Vacuum precooling compared with traditional cooling methods: The cooling speed of traditional cooling methods will be affected by many external factors, such as ambient temperature, water temperature, site size, etc., and there are deficiencies such as long cooling time and uneven cooling, which cannot be quickly and evenly Cool down and keep fresh. Vacuum precooling reduces the air pressure of the vacuum box to cause the moisture on the surface of the object to vaporize and absorb heat to remove heat, so the temperature distribution is uniform from the center of the object to the surface. The cooling rate of the vacuum precooler depends on the surface area to volume ratio of the item and the speed of vacuum extraction. Among them, the vacuum extraction speed can be determined by the setting of the pre-cooler. Therefore, the traditional cooling speed is slow, while the vacuum pre-cooling cooling speed is fast. Scope of application: Mainly used in the conditioning food industry, meat processing industry, baking industry, central kitchen, and large and small-scale catering. At present, Chinese people are paying more and more attention to food hygiene, and government management has continuously increased food safety supervision measures. Food production and distribution companies need to do a good job in food hygiene and safety management from the source. The vacuum precooler for cooked food does not need to add chemical substances such as preservatives and artificial colors, and is the best way to cool and keep food fresh. If you are also interested in this vacuum precooler, please leave a message~




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