The most romantic snow machine – Focusun snow falling machine

Walking in the snowy season is an excellent enjoyment, but unfortunately the reincarnation of the four seasons is an unstoppable natural phenomenon, so in the past people could only wait until winter to get this kind of enjoyment, but now Focusun makes snow falling machine allow people to enjoy the romance that can only be obtained in winter at any time.


Natural ingredients without any worries

Focusun snow falling machine uses tap water as the main raw material, through compression refrigeration, supplemented by Focusun’s excellent snow flake clutch technology, to form artificial snow with a high degree of simulation. If the device is placed at an altitude of 3-5 meters, it can achieve the effect of natural snowflakes falling and flying all over the sky. This kind of artificial snow feels cold, looks like natural snow, and has the characteristics of light and flying snowflakes.


Easily make snow without fear of any environment

Even in the hot summer in the south, the snowflakes produced by the Focusun artificial snow falling machine can be used for hot springs, snow-themed bars, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, snow houses, animal venues, large parties, movies and TV shows And other places provide ice and snow art landscaping, so that people can enjoy the fun brought by ice and snow. In addition, the Focusun artificial snow falling machine is compact in structure, adopts modular design, and is easy to install. Just connect the power supply and water source, and it can be put into use directly. The snow volume of the Focusun Landscape Snow Drifter can be adjusted according to actual needs, and can be divided into heavy snow, moderate snow and light snow. With the snow falling machine, friends can experience the feeling of winter at any time.


Focusun sincerely invites you to buy

Of course, the artificial snow falling machine is just an entertainment device of Focusun. The most important and comprehensive equipment is still the super ice machine, which is also the foundation of Ferguson’s international foothold. Nowadays, with the trend of global warming intensifying, people’s demand for ice making is also increasing. Focusun is striving to innovate and reform new technologies, and at the same time hopes to gain greater recognition from all walks of life. In order to maximize the benefits of customers, Focusun has specially formulated a one-stop service for customers, no matter it is a variety of pre-sales or after-sales services, as long as Focusun can provide, we will never be stingy, everything Just for your approval.




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