R-22 refrigerant is going away!

Destiny of Refrigerant R-22

R-22 Is Really Going Away!

“R-22 is really going away”, and it is going to be a big issue for HVAC contractors.  R-22 has been the refrigerant since 1938. R-22 is still in virtually every building in the United States, an estimated 25 million systems.

The R-22 phase-out has been in effect for more than 15 years, BUT very few HVAC contractors have done anything to prep for R-22 to disappear. In 2010 the production of HCFC R-22 dropped radically and production of new equipment with R-22 contained in the unit was prohibited. Life went on with R-410 and a good supply of R-22. Following the guidelines of the Montreal Protocol each year has had limited production and importation of R-22. Indecision by the EPA has caused ups and downs in the supply of R-22 which caused parallel price ups and downs in the price of R-22. The price of R-22 jumped 275% in 2012 in just a few months, and did just the opposite with a 50% drop in mid 2013.

go awayFuture of R-22

The REAL, in your face event coming up is the 2015 Final Ruling, due January 1, 2015, just six months away. The 2015 Final Rule will set in stone, the step down of production of R-22 for the time period, 2015 through 2019. This Final Rule will step down the supply of R-22, imported and produced from roughly 50 million pounds per year to ZERO!! To make my point, this is the final steps to ZERO production and importation of R-22. All R-22 will have to come from the efforts of reclaiming facilities after 2020!!!! R-22 is really going away!!! In light of the 275% price increase in 2012 resulting from just a small availability issue, the refrigerant industry predicts high prices and even more troubling, lack of availability, starting 2015.

Focusun’s action

Since R-22 is going away, we has been following the trend and began to study other eco-friendly refrigerants such as R404a, R507 and more. Till now, we will offer R-22 and R-404a for options.

Focusun aims at becoming the leader in the refrigeration industry and keeps improving our technology and service!

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